About us


About Us

Hotel Resilient is a scientific benchmarking and certification body for crisis risk management and climate change adaptation of hotels and resorts based on internationally recognized and industry supported standards . We provide the hotel industry with global risk analytics, digital platforms and pragmatic tools towards disaster and climate resilient planning, design and operations. We support hotels from the design of their disaster management system to implementation of protocols, fascilitation of trainings and completion of audits towards a successful certification. 

Our Mission

Our goal is to enable all hotels to thrive in the face of natural disasters and climate change. By doing so, we not only enhance guest safety and business continuity, we contribute to the resilience of destinations, local communities and national economies that rely on tourism.

Our Approach

We provide hotels and resorts with an international, industry-recognized standard for hotel resilience. The international standard is supported by software and training. Our comprehensive online solutions offer a clear path to locally implemented mitigation and adaptation strategies with the need of hotels and resorts in mind. Our tools are aligned to optional certification, which are based on the Hotel Resilient Standards.