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Gain unparalleled access to a wealth of knowledge resources and services offered by Hotel Resilient.

At the core of our services are trainings and coachings to improve the capacity of hotel staff in all aspects of crisis management.

Our e-learning content available to all members provide lots of interactive content and guidance on implementing the Hotel Resilient Standards.

But that’s not all! We connect hotels with trusted service providers around a suite of disaster and climate resilience services through the Hotel Resilient Accreditation Program.

Training & Coaching

Learn to improve capacity

Hotel Resilient recognizes the importance of a skilled workforce in reducing risks and enhancing the safety of hotels. A comprehensive 2-day Training Program has been developed by Hotel Resilient to provide a high-level understanding of managing disaster risk reduction and climate adaptation for hotels and resorts.

The training also provides technical understanding in three specific areas: Crisis Communication; Disaster Response; and Business Continuity through a series of interactive and hands-on exercises and table-top scenarios.

Module 1

Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation
  • Rapid Vulnerability Screening
  • Hazard and Risk Assessment
  • Climate Impact Assessment
  • Mitigation & Adaptation

Module 2

Crisis Communication

  • Understaning Early Warnings
  • External Communication
  • Public Relations

Module 3

Business Continuity

  • Business Impact Assessment
  • Business Recovery
  • Finance and Resource Management

Module 4

Response and Preparedness

  • Search and Rescue
  • Evacuation and Shelter
  • Disaster Preparedness Actions
E-Learning and Webinars

We provide a suite of e-learning courses and Training Webinars that provides the foundational information and best practices needed to prepare for, manage and recover from disasters and climate risks designed specifically for hotels.

Our E-learning courses are designed to quickly train staff on the fundamentals of crisis risk management as well as more in-depth courses that go into the details of specific areas such as crisis communication, safe evacuation, early warning, fast recovery post-event, and business continuity management. 

Trusted Service Providers

Connect to our accredited service providers

Safety-minded travelers, Businesses and Tour Operators are looking for hotels which ensure the security of their guests. This is particularly the case for business travel in risk-prone regions around the world. Furthermore, some tour operators (such as Tour Operators from Europe) are legally required to ensure the safety of their guests. Having immediate access to reliable and updated information regarding the security of hotels requires expertise and substantial resources. Hotel Resilient has an extensive database of contacts for the safe travel market. Through our outreach and marketing activities, we will ensure that hotels profiled on our location-searchable platform, are visible and on the radar of travelers and travel security managers.

Hotel Resilient also builds your brand for the safe travel market. Hotels have the rights to use the Hotel Resilient Logo and Hotel Resilient Certification Seal (for certified hotlels) in their publications, website and other promotional material.