Gain unparalleled access to a wealth of knowledge and services offered by Hotel Resilient. At the core of our services are training and consulting services to improve the capacity of hotel staff in all aspects of crisis management. But that’s not all! We are involved at the forefront of research and innovation with many years of experience advancing disaster and climate resilience solutions for the hospitality sector.


As a scientific benchmarking and certification body, Hotel Resilient works hard to develop international standards for the accommodation sector. In various countries, we have been working hand in hand with government authorities, industry partners, hotels and hotel associations to align our international standards with the needs of the local destination.


Hotel Resilient recognizes the importance of a skilled workforce in reducing risks and enhancing the safety of hotels. That is why we have developed comprehensive training programs to help hotel managers and staff to learn, implement and monitor disaster risk reduction and climate adaptation measures, develop hazard-specific disaster preparedness actions, and deliver state-of-the-art emergency response systems for their properties.


Our DNA is tightly interwoven with research and innovation around disaster and climate resiliency. Hotel Resilient draws on the expertise of an extensive global network and brings together leading scientists to solve real-world challenges impacting the hospitality industry. We work closely with university research centers, governments, destinations and industry in international research projects covering a wide area: measurement approaches and footprinting, modelling and scenario analysis, risk assessment and resilience building, business and destination case studies, policy analysis and advice and decision support strategies and tools. Read more about our latest research activities in projects.

Risk Assessment and Management

We work with accommodations, hotel associations and destination management organizations to develop and implement disaster and climate resilience strategies and programs based on detailed multi-hazard risk assessments, including analytics on climate variability. We support our clients in establishing scientifically robust resilience goals; and measure, report and communicate outcomes to their stakeholders. We develop tailored solutions for our clients to manage risks and mitigate impacts of potential disasters based on detailed risk analytics.

Destination Resilience Planning

Destination Resilience Planning (DRP) was developed by Hotel Resilient to support long term planning and programming of disaster risk management and climate change adaptation activities. It is designed to align with core planning processes of local governments and follows international standards on risk management. Hotel Resilient draws on the latest science and risk modelling in developing practical Destination Resilience Plans and strategies that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each destination and organisation.

Climate Action PLANNING

We support accommodations in developing a tailored Climate Action Plan (CAP) to reduce their carbon footprint and mitigate the long-term impacts of climate change across the natural environment, communities and tourism value chain. This includes assessing climate risks to individual accommodation or destinations, and supporting businesses in implementing practices that increase climate change resiliency (such climate proofing and securing climate investments and insurance) and reducing greenhouse gas emissions (such as green building design, operational efficiency and use of renewable energy).