hotel resilient certification

Hotel Resilient Certification

Available only for Hotels and Resorts

Hotel Resilient Certification is based on the Hotel Resilient Crisis-Resilient, Climate-Friendly and Responsible Hotel criteria. The criteria of the Hotel Resilient certification are the result of a coordinated effort by a wide range of public and private stakeholders, including tourism industry professionals. 



The Hotel Resilient label allows hotels to demonstrate their CRISIS AND CLIMATE RESILIENCE to potential customers, tour operators, insurers and financiers, whilst securing their reputation for being CLIMATE FRIENDLY AND RESPONSIBLE

Our premier global and local partners deliver Hotel Resilient Certification in different destinations around the world. 

Why should you get certified with us? 

  • Show your guests that you have gone the extra mile to enhance crisis and climate resilience at your hotel
  • Solidify your hotel’s presence and visibility in the resilient and sustainable travel market
  • Qualify for incentives such as climate resilience investments and lower insurance premiums 
  • Increased visibility of member hotels through our tour operator and travel agent partners
  • Use of Hotel Resilient Members Logo and Certification Seal (for certified members) in your marketing material


The Hotel Resilient Certification is only available to hotels who meet all mandatory criteria of the Crisis-Resilient, Climate-Friendly and Responsible-Hotel audit modules based on a comprehensive review. The certification is valid for one year.




The Hotel Resilient Gold Certification is only available to hotels who meet all mandatory criteria of  Crisis-Resilient, Climate-Friendly and Responsible-Hotel audits, and achieve a minimum Resilience Score of 80% across advanced criteria based on a comprehensive review. The certification is valid for one year.


further information

Hotel Resilient Brochure

You can find more details about the Hotel Resilient Certification

Hotel Resilient COVID-READY Brochure

We also offer COVID-READY based on ramp-up or ramp-down criteria aligned with national guidelines. Contact us to find out more.



How long will HOTEL RESILIENT Certification take?
The certification process depends on the completion of the submitted documents and review process. In general, if an application is complete and has all the requisite documents, we will strive to award the certification within 5 business days. We will notify hotels if we expect delays.
How much does HOTEL RESILIENT certification cost?
Please see our pricing plan above for costs and advantages of each level of certification. Prices for renewal of certification are also covered in the pricing plan. Contact us for more information.
How long is the HOTEL RESILIENT Certification valid?
The HOTEL RESILIENT CERTIFICATION is valid for 12 months from the date of being issued. Renewal of certification prior to expiry date is recommended if conditions of your buildings or site significantly change. Please see our pricing plan for renewal fees for the certification. 
Do you offer COVID-READY Certification or renewals if we already have certification?
We have been making changes to our COVIDREADY Certification requirements to account for the global trend of relaxed/cancelled Covid restrictions. Our requirements for certification, or in the case of renewal, will be focused on being prepared to implement Covid actions should the need arise due to rising infection rates of a variant of concern. The following sums up our new requirements:
  1. The hotel is following all government COVID regulations for operation.
  2. The hotel ensures staff members are up-to-date on Covid vaccinations if available.
  3. Safety protocols are in place for staff and guests that are Covid positive.
  4. Safe cleaning procedures are in place to protect staff.
  5. Safe hygiene is practiced and encouraged.
  6. Hand sanitizer stations are provided at key locations throughout the hotel.
  7. Guests and staff are informed of the latest COVID-19 updates, risks and regulations if applicable.
  8. COVID SOPs for all hotel activities and services are ready to be implemented if needed.
  9. COVID SOPs for restaurants are ready to be implemented if needed.
  10. A system to screen guests and staff for COVID-19 is ready to be implemented if needed.
  11. A staff member is in charge of monitoring government COVID regulations and ensuring compliance where needed.
  12. Staff have clearly defined roles should they need to respond to a COVID-19 outbreak at the hotel.
For renewing your COVIDREADY Certification, we propose a remote review consisting of submittal of key documents (e.g., SOPs) and photos (hygiene stations, signage, etc.) as well as an online interview to discuss the measures you are implementing or prepared to implement if needed. I will get back to you next week with more details on how to proceed with renewal. 
COVID-READY Renewal Certifications are 299 Euros.