Demonstrate Resilience with Hotel Resilient Certification

The Hotel Resilient label allows hotels to demonstrate their safety and preparedness to potential customers, tour operators, insurers and financiers, whilst securing their reputation.

Our premier global and local artners deliver Hotel Resilient Certification in disaster and climate risk-prone destinations around the world. Certification is offered at a competitive price.

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Benefits to Certification

The Hotel Resilient certification is a conformity assessment by one of our premier accredited auditors to show that your hotel or resort meets the requirements of the Hotel Resilient Standards on disaster and climate resilience.

  • Obtain The Hotel Resilient Certification and use the Hotel Resilient Certification Seal and Plaque and eMarketing material to demonsate to your ensure guests, regulators and other stakeholders that the highest disaster safety condtions are met.
  • Show your guests you have gone the extra mile to enhance safety at your hotel to the impacts climate change, natural disasters, pandemics, and technological hazards. Solidify your hotels presence in the safe travel market and secure your reputation with tour operaotrs, insurers and investors and regulators demonstrating to them in a measurable way that the highest disaster and climate resilience conditions are met.
  • We will enhance the marketing activities and increase the visibility of our member hotels to better serve the market for safe travel. Through our partnerships with leading tourism associations such as the Pacific Asia Travel Association and promotional campaigns together with national governments and international organizations, we reach a wide audience interested in safer and more secure travel.
In todays new climate, Hotel Resilient Certification ensures greater visibility in the competitive travel market


  • Peace of mind
  • Additional trust symbol
  • Reassurance of hotel safety and security needs
  • Enhanced duty of care for hotel guests


  • Global recognition with industry-recognized resilience seal
  • Align with travel associations ‘Responsible Travel’ Initiatives
  • Global presence in travel safety market
  • Enhanced marketing of “Resilient Hotels” in hotel booking process
  • Easiser identification for business travel security programs
  • Independent verification by hotel industry experts


  • Increased sales when hotel safety is a booking preference
  • ROI from hotel disaster safety assets in place
  • Reduced downtime following disasters
  • Increased revenues from quicker recovery in business operations
  • Incentives on lower catastrophe insurance premiums 
  • Access to low interest investments to improve property against disaster and climate impacts

7 Steps to Hotel Resilient Certification

Upon completion of the Hotel Resilient self-assessment, you can view your Resilience Score and see if you qualify for Hotel Resilient Certification, based on your score and ability to meet mandatory requirements. If you qualify for Hotel Resilient Certification, you can apply online at any time.

1. Register on the Hotel Resilient online audit platform

2. Complete self-assessment and meet requirements of the Hotel Resilient Standards

3. Apply for Certification on our online platform

4. Initial review by Hotel Resilient and communication of audit material for verification

5. A Hotel Resilient Accredited Assessor conducts the assessment remotely or onsite at the hotel or resort

6. A Certification Report is completed and Resilience Score confirmed, Certificate Diploma, plaque and e-marketing material sent to the Hotel

7. The Hotel is re-certified each year following the same steps


Certification Levels

Hotel Resilient Certification

The basic Hotel Resilient Certification is awarded to hotels who meet all mandatory criteria of the Hotel Resilient Standards AND achieve a Resilience Score of at least 80% based on a limited review of documents. Certified hotels must complete independent desktop audits each year to maintain certification.

Hotel Resilient Gold Certification

Is only available to hotels who meet all mandatory criteria of the Hotel Resilient Standards and achieve a minimum Resilience Score of 80% based on a comprehensive review. The certification is valid for one year, and Gold Certified hotels must also complete the mandatory audits each year to maintain certification. In addition, the Hotel Resilient Gold Certification Diploma and Seal distinguishes between three performance levels, which is awarded following a comprehensive review:


  • Three Stars: Resilience Score of at least 80%
  • Four Stars: Resilience Score of at least 87.5%
  • Five Stars: Resilience Score of at least 95%

Hotel Resilient Diamond Certification

This is the highest level designation offered by Hotel Resilient and is awarded to hotels that are certified for 5 consecutive years meeting all mandatory criteria with a Resilience Score fo at least 80 percent. In addition, the Hotel Resilient Diamond Certification is not automatically granted upon completion of these base requirements, and awarded after a review of overall hotels performance during the 5 year period to ensure continuous efforts have been made in building disaster and climate resilience. Similar to the Gold Certification, the Hotel Resilient Diamond Certification Diploma and Seal distinguished between three performance levels, awarded following a comprehensive review.


  • Three Stars: Resilience Score of at least 80%
  • Four Stars: Resilience Score of at least 87.5%
  • Five Stars: Resilience Score of at least 95%