Now more than ever, travelers are looking for confirmation that their hotel is committed to health and safety before they book their stay. With our COVID-READY Certification, you will prove to interested guests that your hotel is implementing effective measures to prevent and safely respond to potential infections. But why stop there? Show your guests that you have planned for their safety in any situation with our Multi Hazard and Climate Change Certification.


As the tourism sector shifts towards a “new normal” it is necessary for accommodation providers to adjust their protocols to meet new standards in health and safety and build trust among travelers. Our COVID-READY Certification lets you demonstrate to guests that you are committed to health and safety. And we’ve made certification simple. Complete your free self assessment with our online platform and if you qualify for certification you can start the application process with the click of a button.


Our Multi Hazard and Climate Change Certification is based on the Hotel Resilient Standards – the first risk-based multi hazard and climate change standards for hotels and resorts. The standards are the result of a coordinated effort by a wide range of public and private stakeholders, including tourism industry professionals and leading scientists. To achieve certification, Hotels will use the Hotel Resilient online platform to answer key questions on structural and non-structural components of the hotel’s buildings and site; safety systems infrastructure, evacuation and warnings; and management processes for disaster preparedness, response, communication and business continuity. More than 250 indicators are combined to measure the risk and resilience of hotels to natural and technological hazards, including impacts from climate change. Certification proves to guests that a hotel has thought of everything when it comes to safety, now and for the long-term.