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Hotel Resilient is rolling out COVID-READY certifications in select destinations. Stay tuned for more news on our website.

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Hotel Resilient Standards

  • Globally applicable, locally implementable.
  • Climate and disaster resilience
  • Multi-hazard and risk-based

Hotel Resilient Training

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Hotel Resilient Web App

How prepared is your hotel for a disaster? We provide you with detailed analytics and performance metrics on the climate and disaster resilience of your hotel.

Become a member and get COVID-READY! Our COVID-READY standards, audit, e-learning tools and resources are free and easy to use. See for yourself!

At Hotel Resilient, we’ve made it easy! Learn more about our free tools to prepare and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic threat.

Hotel Resilient Standards

The Hotel Resilient Standards take proven disaster risk reduction and climate adaption strategies and tailor them to the needs of the hotel industry. They outline exactly what you need to become disaster and climate resilient.

Hotel Resilient Software

The Hotel Resilient Software equips you with the tools you need to implement the standards, identify potential sources of risk and manage actions to protect life, reduce down time, and minimize business losses.

Hotel Resilient Training

The Hotel Resilient Training tools build your staff’s capacity to prepare, respond and recover from crisis events. Our training and coaching program puts your staff in the driver’s seat to implement your hotel’s resilience strategy.

Hotel Resilient Certification

The Hotel Resilient label allows hotels to demonstrate their safetx and peparedness to potential customers, tour operators, insurers and financiers, whilst securing their reputation. The Hotel Resilient certification applies to all hotel types, form small boutique hotels to large independent and chain hotels.

Latest News

Our Members

Hotel Resilient just started offering first memberships to hotels in the Philippines.
Hotel Resilient certifies the disaster preparedeness and climate adaption activities of all our members.