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How prepared is your hotel to safely re-open? Our free software clearly lays out the steps needed to improve your preparedness and response to COVID-19, and allows you to apply for certification with the click of a button.

COVID-READY Certification

  • Obtain your COVID-READY Certificate and e-Marketing materials
  • Gain guest confidence with our international brand
  • Demonstrate safety and enhanced duty of care
  • Ensure greater visibility in the competitive travel market

Hotel Resilient Services

Our experts have supported governments, destinations, hotel associations, as well as small, medium and large hotels with developing and implementing COVID-19 health and safety protocols. 

We support hotels from the design of their COVID-READY Plan and SOPs to implementation of protocols. Our experts support hotels through the auditing and certification process. We have also designed training programs for hotel staff to understand and implement Covid-19 safety and hygiene protocols and operational procedures.


COVID-READY is an online auditing and e-learning platform to support hotels in achieving compliance with international COVID-19 safety standards and protocols in the hospitality sector.


Conduct Self-Assessment

Meet COVID-READY Requirements

    • Register on our platform
    • Select the COVID-READY Audit
    • Complete your free self-assessment
    • Obtain free COVID-READY Report


  • Manage your audit workflow ts using our free audit mangement software
  • Prioritize tasks, take action and improve your score
  • Get step by step guidance through our free e-Learning programs
  • Obtain COVID-READY Self-Check Stamp (49 Euros) directly by confirming you have met all requirements
  • No review by Hotel Resilient Auditors; for an external review apply for certification


Many hotels, hotel associations and destinations have already chosen COVID-READY.

What are you waiting for?  



Hotel Resilient’s risk specialists have been intensely involved from the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, reviewing international guidelines, industry best practices and the latest scientific research related to the pandemic.

The COVID-READY standards detail 50 steps to cover all areas relevant to a hotel’s COVID-19 prevention and response strategy. The COVID-READY standards are a stand-alone module, but are fully aligned with the internationally-recognized Hotel Resilient Standards.

Hotel Resilient Software

The COVID-READY standards are supported through a user friendly self-audit software to ensure that hotels and resorts comply with the standard requirements in a measurable way.

The Hotel Resilient Software equips you with the tools you need to implement the COVID-READY standards, identify potential sources of exposure, assign and manage actions to prepare and respond to any new infections in 6 easy steps. 


Hotel Resilient experts support hotels from the design of their COVID-READY Plan and SOPs to implementation and training up to monitoring and auditing. Our experts have also supported governments, destinations, hotel associations, as well as small, medium and large hotels with developing and implementing COVID-19 health and safety protocols. 

The Hotel Resilient Training and E-Learning tools in English and Spanish build the capacity of hotel staff to prepare, respond and recover from crisis events, and put them in driver’s seat to implement your hotel’s resilience strategy. We have also developed Training of Trainers (ToT) and coaching programs specifically for auditors reviewing the implementation of safety protocols in hotels and restaurants.

COVID-READY Certification

Our standards can be self-audited using our free audit software to see how you comply with our international standards and where you can take action to improve your COVID-READY score.

If you meet all of our mandatory requirements, you can obtain a COVID-READY Self-Assessment Stamp (for 49 Euros).

Hotels that want to go the extra mile, and demonstrate to guests, investors and regulators they comply with the Hotel Resilient COVID-READY Standard requirements, based on an external review by our experts, can apply for COVID-READY Certification (299 Euros) or COVID-READY GOLD Certification (599 Euros) in a few easy steps online.

Latest News

“Resilience Academy” by Hotel Resilient

“Resilience Academy” by Hotel Resilient

Ministry of Tourism delivers the certificates of approval to the participants of the Biosafety Protocols Trainers Workshop, held in coordination with Hotel Resilient and Import Promotion Desk (IPD) from Germany.

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Our Partners and Clients

Hotel Resilient has provided support to the governments, such as the Ministry of Tourism in Ecuador and Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in Palestine; hotel associations such as the Phuket Hotel Association and Sustain Sri Lanka. Hotel Resilient has also certified hotels in Thailand, Philippines and the Maldives.