Resilience Standards

Only global standard in disaster and climate resilience for hotels


The Hotel Resilient Standards are the world’s only global standard for climate and disaster resilience for hotels and first of their kind in the hotel industry.

The Hotel Resilient Standards provide clear direction to hoteliers about how to reduce and transfer disaster risks or adapt adequately to changing climatic conditions.

They Hotel Resilient Standards are based popular international standards such as disaster risk management ISO31000, business continuity management ISO22310 and emergency management ISO22320.

The Hotel Resilient Standards were developed from 2015 to 2017 under the Global Initiative on Disaster Risk Management, an initiative by the German Government under the responsibility of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), in partnership with the United Nations Office on Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) and the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) The Standards were developed in consultation with government and private sector stakeholders a Multi-hazard Risk Management Standard for hotels under the Hotel Resilient Initiative.

The Hotel Resilient Standards are the first coordinated effort by tourism regulators, hotel operators, insurance industry and leading scientists to develop a multi-hazard disaster risk management and climate change adaptation standards specifically designed for hotels and resorts.
Since 2015, we have continuously worked with tourism operators, regulators and the insurance industry to ensure the acceptance of our standards and tools.
The Hotel Resilient Standards are based on a global framework and align with international best practices and global trends, however, the individual criteria behind the standards always conform to national and local norms. We work with our premier local partners to implement the standards, maximizing local knowledge and experience.
Components & Criteria

Hotel Resilient has developed Global Standards that contain over 250 compliance criteria and guidelines in 9 core components that can be used consistently to ensure that hotels and resorts comply with hazard-specific disaster risk management and climate change adaptation standards in a measurable way.


Criteria includes location details pertaining to hazards and site, structural elements and a variety of non-structural characteristics of your buildings.


Criteria includes the systems within the property and buildings that the hotel needs to function, with emphasis on those systems most needed in emergency situations, such as fire protection, evacuation, and backup power.


Criteria includes plans, processes and activities surrounding disaster preparedness, response, communication and business continuity.

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