ÖGZ: Online tool helps Hotels in times of Covid-19
Bijan Khazai

Bijan Khazai

Jul 2, 2020

July 2, 2020

The ÖGZ (Österreichische Gastronomie- und Hotel-Zeitung) published an article about Hotel Resilient in its Newsletter.  Photo Credit: Brian McGowan.

An ÖGZ Newsletter artcile by Daniel Lutz talks about the Hotel Resilient COVID-READY Program and the planned release for German-speaking countries in July . Please see the original ÖGZ article in German here.

Below is an english translation of the ÖGZ article article:

Many hotels are insecure in dealing with Covid measures. The international project COVID-READY provides a solution – free of charge and openly accessible. Hotels can also take part in an audit and be certified as COVID-READY.

In addition to travel restrictions these days, infection prevention measures occupy the hotel industry. Of course, there are legal requirements. But how do hotels manage to gain the trust of their guests that all hygiene and protection measures are of the highest standard?

The free info page COVID-READY could be interesting for hotel operators here. It is a comprehensive package with the modules Standards, Software, E-Learning and Certification. It is provided by the company Hotel Resilient, which is a spin-off of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

Dr. Bijan Khazai, CEO of Hotel Resilient explains: “All content is free and openly accessible to hotels”. The standards consist of 50 steps that cover prevention and management of SARS Covid 19 infections in all areas – from room occupancy and cleaning to service in hotel restaurants, mouth-nose covering, spacing requirements and tracing.

Certification possible

Using self audit software, hotels can check to what extent they already meet the standards and what they can do to further improve their concepts. The e-learning module enables hotels to train their employees accordingly. In addition, hotels can apply for “COVID-READY” certification, which provides external proof that the standards are being met.

“The latest scientific findings, international guidelines and best practices from the industry have been incorporated into the development of The Hotel Resilient initiative has drawn on its extensive experience in risk-based evaluation and adapted it to COVID-19,” says Khazai.

German version coming soon

In mid-June Covid-Ready started a cooperation with 75 hotels in Phuket/Thailand. Hotel Resilient is also already working with the tourism authorities in the Philippines, Palestine, Ecuador and Panama to support hotels in these destinations. A German version is planned for July.

Hotels can already register for free via the Hotel Resilient app. Further information is available on the website (link is external)

Author: Daniel Lutz, 



Transalted into English: Bijan Khazai

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