Start on the path to resilience.

Hotel Resilient members will join a network of like-minded hotel management teams who are committed to safety, business continuity and enhanced guest satisfaction. Hotel Resilient members get full access to our suite of tools.


Hotel Resilient is currently offering FREE permanent access to all COVID-READY Content and a 60 % DISCOUNT on our membership plans in solidarity with hotels during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Membership Benefits for Hotels and Resorts


As a member you have access to the full Hotel Resilient Standard and Handbook

Risk API

Access the latest global scientific risk and climate models tailored to your location

Audit Software

Use our software to obain an in-depth assessment of your hotel’s resilience, and track performance through annual audit


As a member you have access to our eLearning and online training programs


As a member you have access to our onsite coaching and training to start improving resilience

Access Experts

Get access to Hotel Resilient accredited Consultants, Trainers and Auditors

Steps on how to become a Hotel Resilient member
Hotel Resilient Membership

Your Hotel Resilient membership is valid for one year from the day payment is received and enables you to immediate access the Hotel Resilient Members platform and certification system.

Road to Resilience
  • As a member you have access to the full Hotel Resilient Standards and Handbook.
  • Access to the Hotel Resilient web-based software solutions for conducting in-depth resilience assessments of your property, and to the Hotel Resilient E-learning Modules.
  • You’ll get listed on the Hotel Resilient website.
  • Have access to Hotel Resilient Accredited Consultants and Auditors.
  • After completing your first self audit, you will be able to apply see your score and apply for Hotel Resilient Certification.
  • For a limited time we are offering COVID-READY Certification available with your membership