More than just safety and hygiene

Travelers Demand Safety above All. The pandemic itself may continue long after destinations are open for travel. Hotels that can provide an extra level of safety against COVID-19 will be in high demand.

There is much a hotel can and should do to protect their guests and staff from the COVID-19 threat. In fact, there are so many things to consider, it may seem overwhelming.

We’ve made it easy for hotels. We’ve outlined the steps that hotels should take to strengthen COVID-19 prevention and response strategies and earn the trust of safety minded travelers. 

Hotel Resilient COVID-READY Standards

Hotel Resilient’s risk specialists have been intensely involved from the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, reviewing international guidelines, industry best practices and the latest scientific research related to the pandemic.

The COVID-READY standards detail 50 steps to cover all areas relevant to a hotel’s COVID-19 prevention and response strategy. The COVID-READY standards are a stand-alone module, but are fully aligned with the internationally-recognized Hotel Resilient Standards.

The COVID-READY standards are supported through a user friendly self-audit software to ensure that hotels and resorts comply with the standard requirements in a measurable way.



Confirmed infections
Have you had a confirmed COVID-19 infected guest or staff at your hotel in the last month?
Suspect cases
Do you currently have any suspected cases of COVID-19 among guests or staff?
Cases locally
How many people are currently confirmed to be infected with COVID-19 in your local destination?


Intervention strategies
How would you describe the extent of government intervention strategies being implemented in your region?
High-risk travellers
Do you have any guests who have recently travelled to countries with high prevalence of COVID-19?



Hospital capacity
How would you describe the capacity of local hospitals in your region?
Vulnerable guests
What is the estimated percentage of guests that are at least 60 years old OR have a known health condition?
Density of area
In what type of area is the hotel located?






Enhanced cleaning Is the hotel implementing enhanced cleaning efforts?
Washing tableware Are restaurant tables, dishes, utensils and glassware washed and disinfected properly?
Cleaning supplies Does your hotel have adequate supplies to clean and disinfect surfaces and objects?
Cleaning agents Have you confirmed that that all cleaning and disinfectant products used at the hotel are sufficient to neutralize the COVID-19 virus?
Ventilation Is the hotel well ventilated?
Sanitizing mat Are there sanitizing mats at the hotel entrances?
Sanitizing items Are all materials sanitized prior to or immediately upon delivery to the hotel?


Safe hygiene Are staff required to practice safe hygiene?
Hygiene messaging Are guests and staff reminded of safe hygiene measures?
Hygiene signage Has the hotel installed signage to remind guests of safe hygiene measures?
Hygiene supplies Does your hotel have adequate supplies to prevent transmission and maintain safety of guests and staff?
Dispensers Does the hotel provide soap and disinfectant dispensers, tissue dispensers and paper towels?


Physical distancing Are you implementing physical distancing measures at your hotel?
Physical distancing signage Has the hotel installed signage to remind guests of physical distancing measures?
Safer dining Does the hotel ensure sufficient spacing between guests in restaurants and bars?
Contactless check-in Does your hotel have a contactless check-in process available and contactless payment methods?
Transportation risk Can guests reach your hotel from the airport using private vehicles instead of public transportation?
Unsafe Travel Does the hotel discourage staff and guests from travelling to unsafe areas?





COVID-19 SOP General Has your hotel developed a COVID-19 standard operating procedure (SOP)?
SOP Details Does your COVID-19 SOP identify what adjustments need to be made to the hotel’s specific services and amenities to make them safer to deliver?
SOP Flexibility Are your COVID-19 SOPs flexible enough to adapt to changing pandemic threat levels?
Vulnerable staff Are you ensuring that reception staff are not older or otherwise more vulnerable to COVID-19?
Screening Does the hotel have a system for screening guests and staff for COVID-19 risk?
Non-staff on-site Does the hotel ensure that all non-staff suppliers and service providers follow the hotel’s COVID-19 SOPs while on the property?
Communication strategy Does the hotel have a detailed strategy for communicating with a variety of stakeholders, including guests, the public, staff, the media, health authorities and emergency services?
Guest communication Does the hotel keep guests informed of the latest COVID-19 updates?
Guidance off-site Does the hotel provide guests with guidelines and support for staying safe outside of the hotel property?
Dispelling rumors Do you have procedures for combatting fear, anxiety, rumors and misinformation?
Publicize activities Has your hotel developed sufficient public messaging material that highlight the steps the hotel has taken to address the risks associated with COVID-19?
Event assessment Do you have plans to conduct a COVID-19 specific risk assessment for future large events such as weddings, conferences etc?
Insurance Do you have insurance that will cover business interruptions due to COVID-19?


C-19 Compliance Officer Has the hotel designated a senior staff member to be a COVID-19 Compliance Officer to oversee the implementation of COVID-19 related SOPs and ensure compliance with all government regulations and ordinances?
C-19 Staff roles Do your staff have clearly defined roles and responsibilities for responding to the COVID-19 threat?
Training Are staff provided with training on COVID-19 SOPs and the specific roles they are expected to fulfill?
Evaluation Team Do staff regularly evaluate the effectiveness of your COVID-19 related policies, plans and actions?


Response Regulations
Is the hotel following or prepared to follow government regulations that impact how to respond to an infected guest or staff at the hotel?
Do you encourage staff and guests to notify hotel management of COVID-19 symptoms?
Symptomatic staff
Has the hotel established protocols for the handling of a staff member with COVID-19 symptoms?
Symptomatic guest
Does the hotel have procedures for handling of a guest with symptoms of COVID-19?
Caring for infected guests
Is the hotel prepared to care for a guest suspected of having COVID-19 should medical facilities be unavailable?
Medical expert
Do you have access to a medical expert for advice on COVID-19 response?
Reporting infection
Have procedures been established for informing relevant stakeholders of a confirmed COVID-19 infection at the hotel?
Contact Tracing
Does the hotel help health authorities contact tracing efforts?
Suspending Bookings
Is the hotel prepared to suspend bookings if COVID-19 cases are confirmed at the hotel?