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Managing COVID-19 with an easy to use software

Inform yourself about COVID-19 exposure

Your exposure score is calculated by taking into account confirmed infection cases and intervention strategies in your area as well as risk controls and vulnerabilities at the property level. The exposure score is provided to you in an internal report, and is not part of your COVID-READY score.


Measure your hotel’s COVID-READY performance

The software takes you through each of the 6 components that make up the Hotel Resilient COVID-READY Standards to provide you with a COVID-READY performance score. 

Take action to improve your score

The software clearly lays out the steps needed to improve your preparedness and response to COVID-19 and the task management functionality lets you assign, schedule, prioritize and track improvement actions.


Apply for COVID-READY Certification 

Not only can you apply for certification with the click of a button, the software ensures a transparent review and prompt communication between you and Hotel Resilient. 


Software Features

Various audit types to choose from

Interactive reports and analytics 

Take Action menu and detailed guidelines 

Task management tool 

Certification application and in-app messaging 

Review details of the Hotel Resilient Standards 

E-learning portal


Managing COVID-19 is complex. With access to international strategies and guidelines, regularly updated with best practices, the Hotel Resilient software helps you identify the gaps and weaknesses in your hotel’s planning, design and operations. 

The Hotel Resilient Software equips you with the tools you need to implement the COVID-READY standards, identify potential sources of exposure, assign and manage actions to prepare and respond to any new infections in 6 easy steps. 

6 steps to completing the COVID-READY audit

STEP 1 – Create your hotel profile, view the latest sub-national statistics on COVID-19 from your dashboard and select the COVID-READY audit from the “Available Audit Type” menu. 

STEP 2 – Begin audit, by selecting from a checklist of criteria you comply with for each question, flag questions, add comments and review additional information for each question. 

STEP 3 – After completing the audit compute your COVID-READY Score and see a detailed report. View COVID-19 exposure. 

STEP 4 – Use the “Take Action” feature to learn more about each standard and assign tasks to improve your COVID-READY Score. 


STEP 5 – Use the “Task Management” menu to manage tasks across all your audits, view and change prirority level and due dates. 


STEP 6 – Use the “Audit Menu” at anytime after completing an audit, to apply for certification, upload documents and communicate with reviewer.